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Antonio Genovesi Prize - III edition (2013)

For the first time in the history of the Prize, students from the University of Basilicata and two PhD students who had studied a “garden regeneration” project in the city of London have taken part in the third edition.
The following 16 working groups took part in the second edition of the Genoese Award, committed to drawing up technical-financial feasibility studies:

  1. “A project of a mechanical carrier in the Municipality of Vietri sul Mare” – Vietri sul Mare (SA). Students: Cristina Abate, Antonia Maiello, Agostino Porcelli;
  2. “Restructuring of the “Medaglie d’oro” school and redevelopment of the former Scuola Mariele Ventre area” – Salerno. Students: Raffaella Bruno, Angela Cantalupo, Michele Iannuzzi;
  3. “Regional naturalistic-archaeological park of the Sanseverino Castle” – Mercato San Severino (SA). Students: Francesco De Lauro, Carla Izzo;
  4. “New municipal sports facility of Castellammare di Stabia” – Castellammare di Stabia (NA). Students: Emanuela Saporito, Simone Coppola;
  5. “The city of the school of Cava de ‘Tirreni (SA)” – Provincia di Salerno. Students: Serena Picariello, Emanuele Sellitto, Fabio Gambone;
  6. “Sustainable mobility on the Amalfi Coast” – Corbara (SA). Students: Ennio Valentino, Giuseppe Aufiero, Annalisa di Palma, Annasara Amabile;
  7. “Specialist Assistance Center for the Elderly of Ricigliano” – Ricigliano (SA). Students: Lorenzo Apicella, Raffaele di Domenico;
  8. “Vigor swimming pool in Salerno” – Salerno. Students: Lucia d’Elia, Francesco Rinaldi, Marcella Toraldo;
  9. “Construction of photovoltaic systems on structures of the Municipality of Salerno” – Salerno. Students: Mariafilomena di Napoli, Rossella Lamberti, Ester Lepore;
  10. “Cemeterial expansion in the Municipality of Baronissi” – Baronissi (SA). Students: Federico Amatucci, Giuseppe Fiorillo, Luca Porfido;
  11. “Hotel house for the elderly and multifunctional social centre in Battipaglia” – Battipaglia (SA). Students: Raffaella de Piano, Stefano Iandoli, Mariantonietta Matarangolo, Giuseppina Sansone;
  12. “Restructuring and enhancement of the monumental complex of Monte Tubenna” – Castiglione del Genovesi (SA). Students: Emilio Napoletano, Gaetano Pecoraro;
  13. “Robin Hood Gardens Regeneration Project” – Londra. Studenti: Luigi Nicodemo, Carlo Vece;
  14. “Biogas and cogeneration plant for electric and thermal energy” – Albanella (SA). Students: Carrano Genesio, Favale Antonella, Santarsiero Rosanna, Palermo Luciana (UNIBAS);
  15. “Adjustment works for the construction of a retirement home” – Marsico Nuovo (PZ). Students: Marilena Alfano, Manuel Garramone, Veronica Radogna, Francesco Votta (UNIBAS);
  16. “Cremation plant” – Pignola (PZ). Students: Rosario De Luca, Enrico Maria Di Giuseppe, Giuseppe La Greca (UNIBAS);

Below are the names of the winners of the third edition and the motivations of the Scientific Committee.

Feasibility Section: the project for the “Construction of photovoltaic systems on structures of the Municipality of Salerno” was awarded the prize, for an investment of 6.7 million euros. The group formed by the students Mariafilomena Di Napoli, Rossella Lamberti and Ester Lepore stood out for the rigour in gathering information regarding the different services offered and for the ability to analyze a complex project. 

Research Section: the “Restructuring and enhancement of the monumental complex of Monte Tubenna” was awarded the prize for an investment of 1.9 million euro. The students Emilio Napoletano and Gaetano Pecoraro were awarded the prize for the level of in-depth analysis of the fact-finding investigations carried out and for the correct implementation of computerized protocols to support the assessments.

Creativity Section: the “Sustainable Mobility on the Amalfi Coast” project was awarded the prize for an investment of 3.3 million euros. The group made up of students Ennio Valentino, Giuseppe Aufiero, Annalisa from Palma and Annasara Amabile from Corbara developed careful studies aimed at selecting the best investment option and the ability to rationalize the evaluation process.

The projects were collected and published in the third volume of “The financial evaluation of the projects for the revitalization of the territory” by Gianluigi De Mare, Antonio Nesticò, Rosa Maria Caprino, EXEO editions.

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