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Award ceremony: Antonio Genovesi Prize - IX edition

4 December 2019

On December 4, 2019, at the Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Theodoli-Bianchelli, the 9th Genovesi Award Ceremony was held.
The following guests took part in the meeting: Luigi Iovino, Secretary, Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies; Maria Lucia Taverna, Legislative Office VII Commission for Education; Federica Di Piazza, NUAVP – Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Giovanni Veneri, Director ANCE-AIES Salerno; Fabio Napoli, Vice-President ANCE-AIES Salerno; Gianvittorio RIzzano, Director of DICIV-UNISA; Giulio Erberto Cantarella, DICIV-UNISA; Rosa Maria Caprino, Socomer Grandi Lavori; Emilio Coppola, PEL-UNISA. Antonio Nesticò and GIanluigi De Mare introduced the event.
The awarded projects are the following:

  • for the Feasibility Section: Federica Russo, Rosa Urli, with the study “Centro turistico polivalente a Contursi Terme (SA)/Multipurpose tourist centre in Contursi Terme (SA)” for the detail of the cash-flow analysis, in relation to a careful rewriting of the project functions and in the light of detailed market surveys;
  • for the Research Section: Alessia De Pascale, Valentina Fucci, Raffaella La Rocca, Camilla Anna Murino, with the project “Studio tecnico-economico per il laboratorio prove PVSmart all’ENEA di Portici (NA)/Technical-economic study for the PVSmart testing laboratory at ENEA in Portici (NA)”, for the level of in-depth economic studies in high-tech sectors;
  • for the Creativity Section: Salvatore Clemente, Alessandro Simone Grossi, Giovanni D’Alessio, Ciro D’Aguanno, with the project “Recupero e valorizzazione dell’antico mulino e di aree paesaggistiche a Montella (AV)/Recovery and enhancement of the old mill and landscape areas in Montella (AV), for the ability to creatively outline a sustainable management activity from the financial point of view and compatible with the environmental values of the territory.

Also for this edition, Socomer Grandi Lavori S.r.l. (Battipaglia, SA) has awarded the “Ersilio Caprino Prize” aimed at involving  young engineers in the construction site management.

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