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Antonio Genovesi Prize
VII edition
Award ceremony

Award Ceremony: Antonio Genovesi Prize – VII edition

30 May 2018

On May 30th the Award Ceremony of the winners of the seventh edition of the Genovesi Prize took place. The event was organized by the Project Evaluation Laboratory (PEL/DiCiv/Unisa) and sponsored by ANCE AIES Salerno. Professors Gianluigi De Mare (Director of PEL) and Antonio Nesticò (Head of Economic Evaluations in PEL), Fabio Napoli (Vice-President of the ANCE AIES Salerno) have rewarded the winning projects. Renato Benintendi (International Strategy Manager at PEL), Rosa Maria Caprino (Responsible for the relations with local and national Italian institutions and companies in PEL), Emilio Coppola (Responsible for the relations with Professional Associations in PEL), G. Veneri (Director ANCE AIES Salerno), M. Ferrara (Researcher at ENEA in Portici) also took part in the event.
The best financial feasibility studies conducted in the framework of the Economic Evaluation of Projects for investment initiatives that are intended to be implemented in the Campania region have been rewarded.
The prize consists of a voucher of 1500 euros, sponsored by ANCE AIES Salerno, for each of the three sections in which the competition is organized. Below are the winning students for the three sections: Feasibility, Research and Creativity.

  • Feasibility Section: Avallone, Barbato, Coppola, Vicidomini with the project “the Palaeventi of Cava de ‘Tirreni”;
  • Research Section: Alfinito, Ferrentino, Mariniello, Oliva, Rauseo with the project “Verification of economic feasibility for energy efficiency measures on the building stock”;
  • Creativity Section: Di Fraia, Giangreco, Grimaldi, Marino, Oricchio, Tortora with the project “Reuse and enhancement of Palazzo De Falco in Fisciano”.

This year the “Transmission of Heat” section was introduced for the first time. In this section, the prize was awarded to the project “Insights into heat transfer for energy efficiency interventions on the building stock” by students Mutascio, Pagliuca, Scala. The prize, a 500 euro voucher, was sponsored by CSP-Formative Agency.

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