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Award ceremony: Antonio Genovesi Prize - VIII edition

11 June 2019

On June 11th the winners of the 8th Edition of the Genoese Prize have been awarded. The event was organized by the Project Evaluation Laboratory (PEL/DiCiv/Unisa) and is sponsored by ANCE AIES Salerno. The rector Aurelio Tommasetti (UNISA) inaugurated the event, moderated by Gianluigi De Mare (PEL-UNISA). The ceremony was attended by Vincenzo Piluso (Director of DICIV-UNISA), Giovanni Veneri (Director of ANCE-AIES Salerno), Nicola Morano (Emeritus Professor – UNISA), Armando Lamberti (DSG-UNISA), Ciro Caliendo (DICIV-UNISA), Rossella Torri (Torri Immobiliare), Rosa Maria Caprino (PEL-UNISA) and Emilio Coppola (PEL-UNISA). Antonio Nesticò (PEL-UNISA), who followed the work in the tender as a teacher of Economic Evaluation of Projects, revealed the names of the winning projects and the related reasons. Vincenzo Piluso, Nicola Morano and Giovanni Veneri awarded the winning projects.
The best financial feasibility studies conducted in the framework of the Economic Evaluation of Projects for investment initiatives that are intended to be implemented in the Campania region have been rewarded.
The prize consisted of a voucher of 1500 euros, supported by ANCE AIES Salerno, for each of the three sections in which the competition is organized. Below are the winning students for each section:

  • Feasibility Section: Maria Cresta, Ettore Iannuzzi, Stefania Luisa Raimo, Angelo Vaccaro with the project “Palestra Smart e Sustainable Energy Floor – Cesinali, Avellino/Smart Gym and Sustainable Energy Floor – Cesinali, Avellino”.
  • Research Section: Carlo Ambrosino, Giuseppe Coppola, Domenico Iodice, Massimo Noschese with the project “Valutazione degli impatti del progetto «Hub ferroviario» a Pompei sul territorio Vesuviano/Evaluation of the impacts of the “Railway Hub” project in Pompeii on the Vesuvian territory)”.
  • Creativity Section: Carmelo Alberto Dello Buono, Gianpio Gaita, Vincenzo Galdi, Giuseppe Nappo with the project “Destinazioni d’uso compatibili con strutture religiose: il caso del Convento di San Francesco a Folloni a Montella, Avellino/Use destinations compatible with religious structures: the case of the Convent of San Francesco in Folloni in Montella, Avellino)”.

The “Ersilio Caprino” Award, aimed at involving young engineers in the construction site management and sponsored by Socomer Grandi Lavori, was won by students Angela Maggio, Giovanni Petrone, Rosa Saggese who distinguished themselves with the project “Viaggio offline al Borgo di Pietracupa: disconnettersi per riconnettersi/Offline travel to Borgo di Pietracupa: disconnect to reconnect”.

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