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Belt & Road Initiative

Belt & Road Initiative: Three days work

27-29 March 2018

On March 27-29 the Project Evaluation Laboratory (PEL) organized a three-day work to discuss in detail the programs of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the largest global infrastructure project launched by the Chinese Government in 2013 to improve connections and communication in the countries of Eurasia. On the occasion of the event, Unisa (through the Pel) hosted Shanghai University representatives who had the opportunity to represent the BRI programs and deepen some crucial issues concerning the realization of the New Silk Road. The event was conducted under the high patronage of the Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean (PAM). Ambassador Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General of the PAM, strongly supported it.
Gianluigi De Mare and Antonio Nesticò (PEL/University of Salerno), Shuquan He and Lorenzo Riccardi (Shanghai University, RsA Asia), Renato Benintendi (PEL/University of Salerno, Megaris), Gianpaolo Balsamo (European Centre Medium Weather Forecast, ECMWF― Reading United Kingdom) Gennaro Cuccurullo (Department of Industrial Engineering/University of Salerno), Pierluigi Siano (Department of Industrial Engineering/University of Salerno), Elena Merino Gómez (University Nebrija Madrid), Carlo Saverio Iorio (ULB University, Bruxelles), Gianvittorio Rizzano (Materials and Structures Testing Laboratory), Giulio Erberto Cantarella (Transportation System analysis and Modelling/University of Salerno), Stefano de Luca (Laboratory of Roads, Railways and Airports/University of Salerno), Ciro Caliendo (Laboratory of Roads, Railways and Airports/University of Salerno) took part at the event.

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